Lightning Fast Internet Service
Speeds Up to 1 Gb

Internet that’s fast, friendly and works for you and your family.

Do what you want to do when you want to do it thanks to internet service from Central Broadband. Watch a streaming movie, listen to music, do research for homework assignments, zip to a social-media’s all up to you. Central Broadband has different speeds for different needs so pick a plan! And our Triple-Play with Internet, TV and Phone offers discounts when you get all three! Just call our office for more information.

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Residential High-Speed Internet Service

All it takes is a phone call to (563) 285-9611 / Central Broadband to get connected with our Home High-Speed Internet service. Our lightning fast internet gives you the freedom to stream movies, game online, enjoy mega-fast downloads and communicate with friends & family. We offer different internet plans depending on speed and if you subscribe to several services with us, your monthly rate goes down. Take advantage of our Triple-Play with TVInternet & Phone and you’ll get the best rates possible. Call our office for more information.

  • Local Service
  • Low monthly rates
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Free installation & other benefits available…call for details

Discover the BEST in local service from local people at Central Broadband. Click on the service application below for more information or simply call Central Broadband during weekday business hours at (563) 285-9611.

Current IA location availability, Fiber, COAX, DSL, Fixed Wireless: Dixon, Donahue, Eldridge, Long Grove, McCausland, Park View & central/western Scott County areas

Current WI location availability, Fiber: Cuba City and Belmont areas

Cable Modem Internet
24/7 Support & Hardware
  • Up to 10Mb/1Mb $49/mo.
  • Up to 25Mb/3Mb $59/mo.
  • Up to 50Mb/5Mb $69/mo.
  • Up to 100Mb/10Mb $79/mo.
  • Up to 250Mb/25Mb $99/mo.

Managed Wi-Fi available $10/mo.

ADSL2 / VDSL2 Internet
24/7 Support & Hardware
  • Up to 4Mb/1Mb $45/mo.
  • Up to 10Mb/1Mb $49/mo.
  • Up to 20Mb/2Mb $59/mo.
  • Up to 50Mb/5Mb $69/mo.

Managed Wi-Fi available $10/mo.

24/7 Support & Hardware
  • 50Mb/50Mb $59/mo.
  • 100Mb/100Mb $79/mo.
  • 250Mb/250Mb $99/mo.
  • 1Gb/1Gb $129/mo.

Managed Wi-Fi available $10/mo.

24/7 Support & Hardware

Citizens Broadband Radio Service

3.5GHz Fixed wireless for the rural.

  • Up to 25Mb/3Mb $59/mo. *
  • Up to 40Mb/5Mb $79/mo. *

No contract,$200 basic install

*Site survey required

Managed Wi-Fi available $10/mo.