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What does the “account is locked” or “pop.lock is busy” error message mean?
Your email is currently being accessed. Double check to make sure that no one else or no other program is trying to check the same email account at the same time. Please note: you might see this error message if you leave your email running at home and then try to check your email from another location. If you are certain that no other program or person is trying to check your email, then shut down your email and leave it off for at least 15 minutes before trying again. If you still receive the same error message after rebooting, please call our Internet support number.
Why can I load some Web pages but not others?
Typically, this means that the server hosting the Web page you’re trying to access may be “down” or that the Web page has moved. Verify that you have the correct URL . Alternately, the Web page you’re trying to access is too busy. Try waiting a few minutes and then reload the Web page.
Why am I experiencing very slow connection and download speeds?
When you access a Web page or attempt to download a file, you are accessing one or more servers. If any of those servers is experiencing problems, it can impact the overall speed of your computer. If your connection speed does not improve after waiting a few minutes, try restarting your computer and/or cable modem to see if the problem is occurring in your system.
How many email addresses do I get with my high-speed Internet service?
Each Internet account comes with five (5) email addresses. If you need more, you can purchase additional email addresses through us or use a web-based email server e.g. Hotmail.
Is there a size limit to the attachments I can send via email?
Our servers will allow you to send a file, or group of files, in a single email that collectively add up to a maximum of 10MB.
I don’t want to be tied to one room. Can I create a wireless network here?
Yes. All you need is a wireless router. Connect your DSL modem to the router via an Ethernet cable and you can surf the 'net from anywhere within the allotted range of your wireless router. For security, you should be sure to set up proper password protection for your network. Please call our Internet support number.
I already have my own high-speed modem: can I use it?
You’re free to use your own modem assuming that it’s compatible with our systems, but CST recommends use of our modems.
Why can't I connect to the Internet?
If you are not able to establish a connection, you should be getting an error message. What you'll want to do is write down exactly what the message says, and call our Internet support number.
What does this error message mean?
Write down the error message, and call our Internet support number.
I can connect to the internet, and browse, but I can't get my email!
Have you set up your email on your computer? If you have set it up, and it has been working up until now, you should be getting an error message. Write down the message, call our Internet support number.
Why does my computer keep asking me for my username and password?
Sometimes Windows will corrupt the username and password. The first thing to try is to make sure you're entering the correct username. Also, make sure your capslock key is not on, and that you don't have any extra numbers, spaces or punctuation. If you've tried all that, call our customer support.
What can I do about all this Spam?
The simplest and most effective solution is to run a spam filter on your computer. There are several different spam filters out there. Do a search for "spam filter" on the web and pick one that fits your needs. Never open an email that advertises spam filtering—because they're spamming you!
Why should I use virus protection software?
There are a lot of people out there who's sole purpose in life is to make other people miserable. Viruses are a perfect example of this. Windows is the most common PC operating system, and is particularly vulnerable to viruses. In fact, you should not use a windows computer on the internet without updated virus protection. Macintoshes are a little less susceptible to viruses, but Mac users should also run updated virus protection. The thing to remember is that some viruses can destroy your computer. If you compare $30-$40 for virus software, to say $200 or more to repair a dead computer, it really makes sense to get the software.
How can I keep my kids safe on the Internet?
First, and foremost, educate them about the dangers of using the web without supervision. Education is the most powerful security you can provide your children. Next, buy some parental control software like NetNanny or Cybersitter. One of these programs will allow you to control the content your kids access.
Why is it important to do my updates?
It's as important to keep your software up to date as it is to change the oil in your car. The two most important things you can do to maintain your computer's health is periodically run your Windows Update, and keep your virus protection software up to date.
What is adware and spyware, and how do I get rid of it?
Adware and spyware is software that is downloaded via the internet or email. Sometimes you will click 'yes' on something you haven't read carefully, and that will load the software. Or you may have opened a spam email that had the software attached to it. A lot of adware and spyware works like a virus, getting onto your computer without your specific permission or knowledge. Adware specializes mostly in introducing pop-ups and other internet-based advertising. Spyware specializes in logging keystrokes, and keeping track of where you go on the internet. Both types of software can and do send your information to the company or individual that originated it. The best way to remove this kind of software is to run a program that searches for and removes adware and spyware.
What special equipment do I need for DSL?
You don't need any special equipment or software to get the DSL. The external DSL modem is supplied by us. You will, however, need to have an ethernet adapter in your computer. Check the manufacturer's specifications to see whether or nor your computer came with one. If not, you will need to have one installed.
What is a firewall? Do I need one?
A firewall is software and/or hardware that is designed to keep hackers from getting onto your system and causing problems, or stealing data. If you are on DSL you probably want to be running some kind of firewall, because your faster connection makes you a more attractive target.
Can I connect more than one computer to the DSL?
Yes. Theoretically you could hook as many computers as you wanted to your DSL connection. What you have to do in order to do this is buy a router, and install a small network in your home or office, and share the DSL through the network. It is probably advisable to have someone who is familiar with setting up networks do this for you, unless you are confident you can do it yourself.
Why should I use a surge protector or battery backup?
We offer surge protectors that protect from power surges through your electrical lines and possible surges through the phone-line. Rather than replace expensive equipment including your DSL modem, computer hard-drive and other devices, a surge protector is an inexpensive way to keep your electronics safe. A battery backup can be used if the power goes out to possibly provide power to your computer and Internet connection and any other devices depending on current conditions.
Why doesn't Central Scott actively filter my internet access and email?
The answer is we do. We filter your mail for most known viruses, and do a lot of junk mail filtering on the server side. Unfortunately, this is not enough to catch everything you can get from your email. That's why virus protection and a spam filter on your computer is such a good idea. We don't provide filters for your internet access because filtering can limit you as much or more than it protects you. We feel that our customers are the best judges of what they want to use their internet connections for, and we want to make sure you have as much freedom of choice as possible.
What is the charge to move my DSL to a different house or office?
DSL requires quite a bit of additional work in order to move from one place to another. Please call us at (563) 285-9611 in advance to schedule your move if you're moving to another location on the North Scott area. If you move to Davenport or Bettendorf, we offer phone service and Internet services in different areas, so please consider us when you move.