Central Scott Telephone offers CSTV cable-TV service to Dixon, Donahue, New Liberty, Maysville and other rural areas as well. With CSTV step up to Digital Basic with more channels, HD/high definition video and a DVR with the ability to record your favorite programs, shows and movies. Digital Basic provides the platform to add on Premium channels like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and more.

Basic Analog Cable$55.95 per month
Digital Basic Cable $22.95 per month
HD Off Air Package $20.00 per month
Connection Fee $10.00 one time fee
Set Top Box – record one program and watch another $7.00 per month
Premium Channels
HBO – 7 channels $20.58 per month
Showtime – 12 channels $15.49 per month
Starz – 6 channels $12.95 per month
Cinemax – 5 channels $13.62 per month
HBO/Showtime Package $33.95 per month
HBO/Starz or Cinemax Package $29.95 per month
Showtime/Starz or Cinemax Package $25.95 per month
ALL Premium Channels Package $47.95 per month

Printable Basic Cable Channel Line-Up

Printable Digital Cable Channel Line-Up

Printable HD Off Air Package Channel Line-Up