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Distinctive Ringing/Teen Service

Know who the call is for…as soon as it rings!

One different phone number can be assigned to your home telephone line. Use one number for the adults...a separate number for a home business or another for the children. You can answer the phone differently for different callers.

When someone dials your main telephone number, you'll hear normal ringing (one long ring). When someone dials the other telephone number, you'll hear a special ring that identifies that number (such as two short rings). Wait until the full ring pattern is complete before answering. You'll know whether the call is for you…and how you should greet the caller. If you also have Call Waiting: When someone dials your main number while you're on the phone, you'll hear a normal Call Waiting tone. If someone dials the other number, you'll hear a special Call Waiting tone that identifies that particular number (such as two short tones).

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Residential : $4.50 | Business : $4.50
Available in Donahue, Eldridge, Long Grove, McCausland, Northern Scott County and Park View