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Call Waiting

You'll know when another caller is trying to reach you.

You can use your telephone without missing other calls. A special tone alerts you to a waiting call; the person calling you hears normal ringing.

When you're on a phone call, a special tone tells you a second call is waiting. Press and quickly release the "switch hook" on your telephone. Your first caller is automatically placed on hold while you're connected with the second caller. If you choose not to answer the incoming call you'll hear a special tone to remind you of the waiting call. To alternate between callers: Press and release the "switch hook". While you talk with one caller the other will automatically be placed on hold. Each conversation remains private. To end either call: Hang up and your phone will ring. When you answer you'll be connected with the remaining caller. To "turn off" Call Waiting before making a call: Lift the handset and listen for the dial tone. Press *70. (On a rotary phone dial 1170.) Listen for confirmation tone. Dial the telephone number you wish to call. Now your call will not be interrupted by the Call Waiting tone. Other callers will hear a busy signal. After you hang up, Call Waiting automatically "turns on" again.

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Available in Donahue, Eldridge, Long Grove, McCausland, Northern Scott County and Park View